by | June 28, 2017 | 03:26

She wrote on Twitter that any further attacks against Syrian civilians will also be blamed on Russian Federation and Iran, which support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "We have observed activities at Shayrat Air Base that suggest possible intent by the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons again", Pentagon spokesman Maj.

by | June 27, 2017 | 03:22

The judge said tweets by Trump suggested that the order sought to ban people on the basis of their religion, and not in the interest of national security, as Trump had claimed. He did not specify when. "The vast majority of those arrested in the Detroit metropolitan area have very serious felony convictions, multiple felony convictions in many cases".

by | June 26, 2017 | 00:59

The AP analysis also found that Republicans won as many as 22 additional U.S. House seats over what would have been expected based on the average vote share in congressional districts across the country. Trump said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer criticized the GOP bill before knowing what was in it. For some candidates - such as Republican Rep.

by | June 25, 2017 | 01:46

Louis Post-Dispatch. The paper also reported that police initially claimed that the 38-year-old African American officer, who has been on the force for 11 years, was "caught in the crossfire". The officer was treated at a hospital and released. Two officers " fearing for their safety " fired at the suspects and hit one in the ankle. Although the police report detailed the incident as mere " friendly fire "-a military term used to describe when a non-enemy is mistakenly targeted as ...

by | June 24, 2017 | 00:45

The locations slated for closure include 18 Sears stores and two Kmart stores, which are located in Sarasota, Florida; Roseville, Michigan; Watchung, New Jersey and East Northport, New York, among other locations, according to Business Insider .

by | June 24, 2017 | 00:42

A Dalit belonging to the Jatav sub-caste, Kumar is now pitted against NDA's nominee Ram Nath Kovind , who is from the Kori/Koli community. "I am not upset with anyone", Gandhi said . At a meeting held in the parliament library, the 17-party Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) came up with a credible consensus candidate who could give Kovind a run for his money.

by | June 23, 2017 | 01:53

The California Democrat has always been a bogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values and a reminder of why even if they may like their individual member or candidate, a vote for that Democrat would be a step toward putting Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

by | June 22, 2017 | 07:02

Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday presented eight draft laws to take Britain out of the European Union in a legislative programme read out in parliament by Queen Elizabeth II . May's own position has been vulnerable after the election outcome. Instead, the Conservatives lost seats and May still hasn't secured a deal with another party to insure Parliament will back the government's agenda.

by | June 22, 2017 | 07:00

The United States supports a 48-hour cease-fire declared by the Syrian army in southern Syria but says it will wait to see what happens before judging its effectiveness. Violence levels have been vastly reduced in those proposed de-escalation areas, but fighting has continued in major frontline areas, including in Deraa.

by | June 21, 2017 | 06:18

A police spokesperson told The Associated Press that the officer used his weapon to shoot the attacker in Tuesday's incident. Last year, police foiled an attack near the site . According to media reports , the attacker took the police officer by surprise in front of the Paris police headquarters by assaulting him with a hammer, causing minor injuries; another officer responded by opening fire.

by | June 21, 2017 | 06:20

He explained to me that the man was very violent, aggressive, and he came over him until the police arrival - but there were other people helping him because the crowd was extremely angry, unhappy, so some people started acting violently too.

by | June 20, 2017 | 00:49

The federal government spends over $80 billion each year on information technology and employs about 113,000 IT professionals, but suffers from outdated and inefficient systems, according to Bloomberg sources . The members of the council include Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, the secretary of Defense, the secretary of Commerce, the secretary of Homeland Security, the director of national intelligence, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the US chief technology officer.

by | June 20, 2017 | 00:46

Dr. Rene Gonzalez Barrios, the president of the Institute of Cuban History in Havana , believes that " Trump acts on a whim" and uses "the most vulgar and disrespectful rhetoric a head of state can possibly use when addressing a whole nation".

by | June 20, 2017 | 00:45

During a press conference on May 18, the day after Mueller was named special counsel, ABC News' chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl asked Trump if his appointment was the right move. "I don't think Trump should do anything but the congressional Republicans ought to look into it", Gingrich said. Some Republicans have raised questions about Mueller's ability to conduct an impartial and professional investigation pointing, one, to his well-known friendship with Comey, who might be ...

by | June 19, 2017 | 00:14

However, the government also made it clear that it is willing to continue "respectful dialogue" and cooperation with Washington on issues of mutual interest. However, President Trump is not rowing back on all parts of Obama's deal. Also not expected are any changes to U.S. regulations governing what items Americans can bring back from Cuba, including the rum and cigars produced by state-run enterprises.

by | June 19, 2017 | 00:10

The protesters chanted " We want justice " and " bring them out ". "Sadly at this time, there are 58 people who we have been told were in Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing and therefore sadly I have to assume that they are dead", he said .

by | June 19, 2017 | 00:14

Now three more of those administration players, reportedly asked by Trump to intervene with Comey over the FBI investigation of departed National Security Adviser Mike Flynn - Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, head of the National Security Agency Admiral Mike Rogers and Rogers' recently departed deputy - are scheduled to be interviewed by Mueller, according to a number of media reports .

by | June 18, 2017 | 01:15

Rather, it's more likely that they seek to impose carbon-related tariffs on U.S. goods if these are deemed to be enjoying an unfair advantage because they are produced in an economy free of carbon restraints. "We know that there are issues with the environment". We know that we have to be conscious of it. But we can't sit there and have Angela Merkel telling us to worry about Africa.

by | June 17, 2017 | 08:14

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Trump's private attorney, Marc Kasowitz , immediately condemned the Post report . Sessions said he recused himself from the Justice Department's Russian Federation investigation only because of a regulation to require the step because of his involvement in the Trump campaign.

by | June 16, 2017 | 05:59

Action on Elder Abuse suggests that approximately 500,000 older people in the United Kingdom experience some form of abuse every year. Many elderly adults are abused in their own homes, in relatives' homes, and even in facilities responsible for their care.

by | June 16, 2017 | 05:55

Four months ago, Army Gen. John Nicholson, who commands US and worldwide forces in Afghanistan, said he needed several thousand more troops. "We can not allow Afghanistan to once again become a launching point for attacks on our homeland or on our allies", he said, alluding to the former Taliban government's granting haven to Al-Qaeda before the September 11, 2011 terror attacks in the US.

by | June 16, 2017 | 05:54

Sills calls Rowe and Dubose "two serious, dangerous, vicious hoodlums". "It has become a nationwide search", said Special Agent David LeValley, who runs the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Atlanta . Sills says authorities aren't sure where they went after that, but he suspects they're no longer in the Madison area. Update 9 p.m. ET Authorities say both men were apprehended after a auto chase in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:38

On Tuesday, commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said that Saudi Arabia has been behind June 7 terrorist attacks in Tehran . "You [the United States] and your agents are the source of instability in the Middle East.who created [Daesh]?" In another development, the Iranian Intelligence Minister has assured members of the parliament that there is no longer a single active terrorist cell in the country.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:33

Sessions was sworn in February 9 but did not actually step away from the investigation until March 2, the day after The Washington Post reported on his two previously undisclosed Kislyak meetings. But under questioning, Sessions acknowledged that Trump's campaign foreign policy advisers "never functioned as a coherent team" and there were members of that group he never met.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:31

By becoming a full SCO member, India now stands to gain in the spheres of security, economy, trade, investment, connectivity and energy co-operation. "We want to deepen the focus on connectivity", he said. At the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, both the leaders addressed for the need of a coordinated efforts and approach to fight terrorism in the region by clamping down on terror funds.

by | June 13, 2017 | 10:26

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to visit the United States on June 25-26 at the invitation of the country's President Donald Trump , officials said on Monday. Trump's statement was swiftly rebuked by Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj : "India didn't sign the Paris climate deal under pressure or greed for money".

by | June 12, 2017 | 14:10

Mr Sessions, who will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, said it was important he had an opportunity to address matters raised by the agency's former director. Sessions is expected to face sharp questioning tomorrow as pressure ramps up on Trump to hand over to Congress any tapes of his private conversations with Comey .

by | June 12, 2017 | 14:06

The poor performance of the Scottish Nationalists yesterday is the most obvious example: Surprise losses to the Tories in Scotland probably saved May's bacon as much as anything else, and the SNP is acknowledging it may have to shelve plans for a second independence referendum given its signs of weakness.

by | June 11, 2017 | 09:30

Comey to curtail the bureau's Russian Federation investigation. Mike Rogers was responding to a senator's question about whether President Donald Trump asked him to intervene in or downplay the ongoing FBI investigation into Russia's election meddling and possible ties with the Trump campaign.

by | June 11, 2017 | 09:30

The NSCN-K was involved in the killing of 18 Army soldiers in an ambush in Manipur on June 4, 2015. Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat was the latest high ranking Indian official to have visited Myanmar in the last fortnight. Sana Yaima is now in jail after he was caught in Bangladesh by Indian sleuths with the active assistance of their Bangladeshi counterparts in 2010. Swu died in June 2016 in a Delhi hospital.