Nelly Is Under Fire Again For Two More Counts of Sexual Assault

Nelly Is Under Fire Again For Two More Counts of Sexual Assault

In the amended complaint, the woman said that after she called the police, her name went public and she was attacked on social media websites.

Greene says she is aware of at least 2 other women who she says suffered the same fate as her with the rapper.

Earlier this week Greene asked a judge for an injunction against the rapper and his penis.

Editor's note: This story contains graphic details of alleged sexual assault. "Their testimonies were presented as evidence that Nelly has allegedly displayed a pattern of "[preying] on his selected female fans" in order to sexually assault them. The rapper got angry when she continued to refuse, telling Jane Doe 2 he's "not used to not getting my way".

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Defendant Nelly was sitting on a desk/ledge looking down at Jane Doe 1, when he said "let me see it". "This was done without Jane Doe 1's consent".

She claimed he refused to wear a condom despite her pleading with him to. He bragged about how many women wanted him, before putting his hands down her top and trying to pull it off. They had been talking about military life, family, and he already knew that she was married.

In addition, Nelly says her claims cost him a lot of money too. This was done without Jane Doe 1's consent. She met Nelly while taking a photo with him after the show. There, she claims the rapper invited her and a friend into a smaller room, then to an after party. Once aboard the tour bus, Nelly allegedly took Greene to his bedroom at the rear of the bus, closed the door, and began masturbating in front of her. The rapper allegedly pulled his trousers down, began masturbating in front of her and then told her, "You want this dick, don't you". She allegedly removed his hand then left, despite his objections. "That's enough. Who the fuck do you think you are", the woman told him.

We reached out to Nelly's far no word back. Once he thought he had her in position, Defendant Nelly released her shoulder.

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Instead, he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex before she was able to escape the room. As she exited Defendant Nelly yelled, "cunt!"

Nelly was arrested on his bus parked at a Seattle-area Wal-Mart in October after the fan, a 22-year-old college student, called 911 about the alleged assault.

The rapper claimed Monique Greene lied just to get him criminally prosecuted, TMZ reported.

Nelly, born Cornell Hanes Jr., has previously denied all allegations. "However, this type of reckless false allegation can not be tolerated as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault".

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