Children's Health-Care Myths

Children's Health-Care Myths

"I'm proud to announce that the first piece of legislation I'll co-sponsor will ensure a long-term funding solution for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)", Jones said in a statement Thursday.

The program known as CHIP was passed in the 1990s to offer health insurance to children in low- and middle-income families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

State officials submitted a request with the federal government on November 16 for an extra $90 million to support CHIP in the state until February.

CHIP, a federal-state matching program that serves almost nine million moderately low-income children, is among the urgent priorities that seem to have gotten lost amid congressional efforts to repeal Obamacare and revise the tax code. It's a drastic step, since the federal government pays, on average, almost 90 percent of CHIP costs. But Congress is now debating long-term funding options. The CHIP benefits allow him to continue his work as a civil rights attorney, providing free representation for people with disabilities.

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Federal funding for CHIP originally expired October 1. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) that revised the cost estimate for a five-year funding extension down to $800 million.

Funding CHIP is cheaper than moving the covered children to other coverage options, including Medicaid and through subsidized plans in the Affordable Care Act marketplace, according to the CBO.

The drastic change in CHIP's estimated cost is a result of the Republican tax law that President Donald Trump signed in December, according to the CBO.

On Dec. 28, Congressman Joe Kennedy sent out a fundraising email heralding the recent birth of his son, and contrasting his family's happiness with the "panic and fear" that others were experiencing amid uncertainty over CHIP funding.

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"So we're here as doctors from Cincinnati Children's, as healthcare professionals in the community, and family members and friends here in the neighborhoods that we care for, to let folks know that the CHIP program is expired".

The American Academy of Pediatrics will hold a conference call Friday to urge Congress to pass long-term funding for CHIP.

Pennsylvania officials notified CHIP providers in late December - who then informed enrollees - that the state would have to end the program in March unless Congress acts. I have long supported the CHIP program.

"The short term patch that lawmakers included in an end-of-year funding deal only provides momentary relief", the organization wrote.

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An analysis by Georgetown University, however, has predicted that some states including Florida could run out of money sooner.

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