Parents give unique gift to troublemaker son's teachers

Parents give unique gift to troublemaker son's teachers

Ohio State University student D.J. Sommers's parents have purchased small gifts for their younger children's teachers every year, but they chose to go the extra mile in 2017 by gifting bottles of white wine with personalized labels bearing their younger son's face and a truly warm-and-fuzzy message.

DJ's tweet quickly went viral and his mom, Mary, is the talk of the town; she told WHIO that her son isn't a bad kid but that he is "that kid".

Jake's brother says the gift is "tongue in cheek".

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Along with Jake's smiling face, Mary and her husband, Paul, added the caption, "Our Child Might Be The Reason you Drink So Enjoy This Bottle On Us".

The gifts garnered widespread attention after the couple's older son.

But Mary Sommers of metro Dayton, Ohio said the teachers who taught her son this year deserved something a little more intoxicating. She recalled "my four older siblings were good kids and it was hard to live up to that, so I didn't try".

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For some parents, along with friends and family, their children's teachers make it on the gift list.

That's the message behind an OH mom's amusing and er, thoughtful gift this year, KTRK-TV reports.

As such, they purchased a bottle of wine for each of the boy's teachers and expertly replaced the label with one of their own.

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"I guess my teachers deserve [the wine]", he said.

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