Closer look needed ... At chain migration, Visa Lottery

Closer look needed ... At chain migration, Visa Lottery

"The president's policy has called for an end to chain migration", Sanders said. "In the years since 9/11, multiple diversity visa immigrants have perpetrated or been convicted of terrorism-related acts in the United States", he continued.

He added that the suspect had entered the country through "extended-family chain migration", a system the president is seeking to end that allows families to sponsor relatives to come to the United States.

-Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, another Uzbek and visa lottery victor, who was sentenced in October to 15 years' imprisonment for conspiring to provide material support to ISIS.

The suspected terrorist, Akayed Ullah, was admitted to the 2011 on a family immigrant visa.

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"The terror suspect entered our country through extended-family chain migration, which is incompatible with national security", Trump said.

Within hours of the failed attack, President Donald Trump was condemning immigration that permits children and siblings of USA citizens into the country as "incompatible with national security".

But when pressed to explain the connection to terrorism from the White House podium on Tuesday, Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Lee Francis Cissna could cite olnly hypothetical risk.

Many Republicans including Grassley have sought to curb so-called chain migration, in which USA citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members in other countries for green cards. The perpetrator of the October attack entered the USA through the visa lottery.

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US President Donald Trump has asked Congress to must end "chain migration" and fix the "lax" immigration system to protect Americans; a day after an ISIS inspired Bangladeshi-origin man triggered a blast at a busy metro station in New York City.

Trump has been quick to call for legislative action in the aftermath of terror attacks, often promoting the need for his controversial travel ban, legislation to dramatically slow down immigration into the USA, or the construction of his proposed massive wall along the southern border.

The President stressed his call on Congress to take action. "I am determined to improve our immigration system to put our country and our people first".

About two-thirds of the 1 million people granted permanent residence in the USA each year come from all over the world based on family connections.

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FAIR urges its members to contact their members of Congress and urge them to end chain migration and eliminate the visa lottery.

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