Fortnite cheater's mom responds to Epic lawsuit

Fortnite cheater's mom responds to Epic lawsuit

The popularity of Fortnite's free-to-play Battle Royale game mode has seen numerous cheaters join its ranks, leading to creator Epic Games, which was also responsible for the Gears of War and the Unreal series, dishing out plenty of bans. The "derivative works" that Epic Games claim the boy has built for cheating purposes can not be proven, the mother argues. Epic have banned thousands of cheaters, going so far as to file a civil suit against several of them. "Under these circumstances, the law requires that we file suit or drop the claim". And it appears that since Epic identified her son by name, and he is a minor; the company violated DE law related to the release of information on minors.

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She also argues that Epic's case is based on loss of profits, but argues that the game is free-to-play, in order for the company to prove a loss they would need to release a statement that showed how the cheating directly caused a "mass profit loss". Many times the player was being dishonest in the game Fortnite. In fact, the boy even made a second YouTube video in which he admitted to using the software, live streaming himself cheating, and refusing to take the initial video down. On the other hand, Epic is suing a 14-year-old over a YouTube dispute, a territory that's already a lightning rod for controversy in the game community because of how corporations have misused DMCA takedowns in the past.

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The authors of the game stated that using cheats leads to loss of funds.

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"This includes better-quality reflections (including screen space reflections being enabled); higher quality post processes like motion blur, anti-aliasing, and depth of field; great draw distances; more detailed foliage; shadow casting enabled on more lights and objects; and higher resolution textures and shadows", adds Epic. The kid's mother informs the court that the game publisher has no right to go after her son, accusing the company of using him as a scapegoat. You want to take it to cheaters, but the reality is, a large portion of them are just kids who don't understand what they're potentially getting themselves into. His parents nor guardians agreed to the terms and conditions that were set forth through the EULA [end users license agreement]. This week we're seeing a bunch of bug fixes while also a few new additions to the game itself. But these hacks do have a harmful effect on an online game community by undermining the integrity of a title's fair and level playing field.

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