Coffee May Carry Health Benefits, Scientists Say

Coffee May Carry Health Benefits, Scientists Say

Researchers said that Three to four Joe cups per day grant the greatest benefits, which the case except for women those are pregnant or having greater risks of suffering fractures.

A study has shown that moderate intake of coffee is safe and three to four cups a day may have some health benefits.

Guallar says doctors should not recommend drinking coffee to prevent disease and people should not start drinking coffee to improve health.

Previous research has indicated that coffee might be able to do everything from helping us live longer to making our workouts more effective; heck, according to one study, it might even help stave off dementia. However, when too much caffeine is consumed, it may take a toll on the body.

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Researchers claim drinking three to four cups of coffee a day may lower the risk of death and developing heart disease as compared to non-drinkers.

The included studies used mainly observational data, providing lower quality evidence, so no firm conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect, but their findings back up other recent reviews and studies of coffee intake. In the past, the caffeinated drink has been linked to a lower risk of endometrial, skin, prostate, and liver cancers. To overcome these limitations, we plan to conduct a randomised controlled trial in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to see if coffee works as a treatment to reduce the risk of the disease progressing.

It found a lower danger of liver disease and a few cancers, and a lower danger of passing on from stroke - however scientists couldn't demonstrate coffee was the reason.

While many of us can't even muster up a "morning" let alone start the day until we've had our go-to cup of the black stuff, according to one expert reaching for caffeine first thing will only make us more exhausted.

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"There is a balance of risks in life, and the benefits of moderate consumption of coffee seem to outweigh the risks".

The pendulum of scientific opinion swings pretty dramatically when it comes to the effect (if any) coffee has on our health.

However, drinking lots of coffee has an environmental downside.

But those who drank seven still appeared to reap the benefit, enjoying a 10 per cent reduced chance of death.

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