North Korea: 'The Entire US Mainland Is Within Our Firing Range'

North Korea: 'The Entire US Mainland Is Within Our Firing Range'

He said North Korea is the only country in the world that has been subjected to "such an extreme and direct nuclear threat" from the United States since the 1970s. It is inconceivable that a North Korean sneak nuclear attack could wipe out the US ability to retaliate.

Former US Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke early this morning (Wednesday) at the 18 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul insinuatingly criticizing US President Trump's policy towards North Korea.

It comes as Kim Jong-un said he would never negotiate with Donald Trump's Government.

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Clinton also indirectly referred to Trump's social media comments on North Korea, saying, "The insults on Twitter have benefited North Korea, I don't think they've benefited the United States".

In turn, North Korea called Trump "mentally deranged" and a "mad dog".

In Seoul, the vice foreign minister said South Korea was considering levying its own sanctions on the North, although no decision had yet been made.

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The warning came from North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Kim In Ryong, who said North Korea is now a "full-fledged nuclear power which possesses the delivery means of various ranges".

The US Under Secretary of State, John Sullivan, met his Japanese counterpart, Shinsuke Sugiyama, and told reporters that the State Department was still focusing on diplomacy to eventually denuclearise the Korean Peninsula.

"The Chinese can't have it both ways", Clinton said.

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North Korea's relationship with its main ally and trading partner China have been strained by its rapid pursuit of weapons programmes, with many of Pyongyang's recent tests coinciding with major Chinese events. They regularly conduct joint exercises, though North Korea condemns them as an invasion rehearsal.

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