Garmin Speak is a GPS That Puts Alexa In Your Car

Garmin Speak is a GPS That Puts Alexa In Your Car

The Garmin Speak costs $149.99 Dollars, and it's available for purchase now at Amazon and Best Buy. There is also a mute "button" for the mic for when you want privacy. Ask Speak for directions with your voice; simply say "Alexa, ask Garmin to take me to the nearest gas station", for instance.

I liked that if I used the Sonos app to play music, I could ask Alexa what was playing, and move forward and back through tracks.

If the Speak were priced at $100 or less, I would be tempted to recommend it as a cheap solution for smartphone owners wanting a dedicated navigation device in their cars.

As far as Global Positioning System units go, the Garmin Speak is easily one of the smallest and least obtrusive aftermarket upgrades.

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I chose to set up the One in my kitchen, where I've always wanted to be able to play music while I cook, serve dinner or entertain guests. When Alexa wakes, there's a small tone of recognition, the volume of the music lowers, and there's a pause of a second as the command is recognized and executed.

Connecting Alexa and the Sonos One was a bit more involved than I'd like. Alexa intelligently lowers, or "ducks" the music, so that both Alexa and the song remain audible. However, there is an audio cue when Alexa has heard you. However, that means that Sonos is locked into using platforms that are not designed first and foremost for its own users.

Amazon recently held an Alexa hardware launch event and unveiled a number of new Echo products but their focus was put on the home. The Sonos One is now available for pre-order, with a delivery date of October 24. This brings us to the biggest selling point of the Sonos One: It's still a good speaker, so if you're not anxious about the price, then theres no harm in picking one up.

Gamin's Global Positioning System devices already feature voice control, but if you'd prefer to have Alexa onboard, its latest product is more your jam.

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The Sonos One represents the next step for Alexa and voice control. If you've completely bought into the Amazon eco-system, including music subscriptions and shopping, then having Alexa easily accessible from your auto while you commute to and from work will certainly be useful.

What Sonos will need to do to stay ahead of the competition, I believe, is work on developing features that keep the sound quality pristine and operation painless in a voice-controlled world. Of course, there's only so far that a compact speaker can go in terms of bass, but it was much more balanced than I expected.

For now that's what I recommend, until Sonos really comes through with Google Assistant, Spotify, and Apple Music support. I could have had 40 people packed into the room and still heard crisp sound.

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