Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords Call for Sensible Gun Control

Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords Call for Sensible Gun Control

Giffords was shot in the head and almost killed six years ago at a public meeting with constituents back home in her Tucson-based district. "No person should endure the horror Las Vegas experienced last night", said Giffords, who has become an advocate against gun violence. Democrats have introduced a variety of gun control bills in recent General Assembly sessions, but the Republican-controlled legislature routinely blocks efforts to add new restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms.

Gillespie, a political consultant and former Republican National Committee chairman endorsed by the NRA, also took to Twitter on Monday morning to respond to the violence. Mark Kelly is a retired Navy captain and former NASA astronaut.

"The nation's counting on you", Giffords declared, with a fist extended toward the Capitol.

"But despite the tragedies in places like Aurora, Newtown and Orlando, despite daily shootings in communities across America, despite senseless, deadly gun-related domestic violence, despite an epidemic of preventable suicides, despite the problem of toddlers shooting toddlers and their parents, the response from Congress has been to do nothing".

In face of Las Vegas shooting, congressional inaction
Giffords, whose ability to speak has been limited since the shooting, told her former colleagues, "The nation's counting on you". Gillespie, meanwhile, has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association and has an "A" rating from the group.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, according to ABC News, that the focus today should be on the victims of the shooting and their families.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat, joined Marquez-Greene to blast lawmakers for not enacting stricter gun control measures, and called for Congress to "get off its ass and do something". While Kelly said he and Giffords are praying for the victims, he criticized Congress for not acting.

"Your thoughts and prayers are not going to stop the next shooting", ABC quotes Kelly as saying.

"I think we need to use some common sense", Northam said. "We need his plans". The massacre in Las Vegas is a grave tragedy for our nation. "None of this ends unless we do something to stop it".

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"What Congress can do - what Congress must do - is pass laws that keep our citizens safe", Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said on the Senate floor. It is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Videos of the initial gunfire in Las Vegas appeared to indicate the use of a fully automatic, machine-gun-type weapon.

"But I am praying for my former colleagues, our elected leaders, too", Giffords said in the statement from her advocacy group Americans for Responsible Solutions.

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