Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Cannot Be Sued

Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Cannot Be Sued

U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson ruled Thursday that Black Lives Matter is not "an entity of any sort", and like the tea party or civil rights movement, it can't be sued.

In his ruling, Jackson compared Black Lives Matter to the Civil Rights movement, the LGBT rights movement and the Tea Party, other social movements "that a person can not plausibly sue", according to The Washington Post.

"For reasons that should be obvious, a hashtag - which is an expression that categorizes or classifies a person's thought - is not a "juridical person" and therefore lacks the capacity to be sued", Jackson wrote.

The officer, of the Baton Rouge Police Department, first filed the suit late a year ago, arguing that the pair should be held responsible for injuries he suffered while responding to protests in 2016.

As for McKesson, the federal judge ruled he was expressing his right to free speech at the July 2016 demonstration where the cop got hurt ... but it wasn't his fault.

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Attorneys for the officer, Black Lives Matter and the activist named in the lawsuit did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The federal lawsuit was filed anonymously on behalf of East Baton Rouge Parish police. "I am hopeful that this will lead to other judges ruling similarly in the future". He has long described Black Lives Matter as a call to end violence.

Nearly a week after the protest, a masked man, later identified as Gavin Long, ambushed a Baton Rouge police station and murdered several officers.

Planning on suing Black Lives Matter on accusations of "inciting violence"?

Mckesson was among almost 200 people who were arrested in protests sparked by Sterling's death.

Grodner had argued Black Lives Matter is an "unincorporated association" that can be held liable for her client's injuries.

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"It's organized. They have meetings". "This shows a level of national organization".

Thursday's ruling may spell bad news for a Baton Rouge sheriff's deputy who was wounded when a gunman shot and killed three other law enforcement officers in that Louisiana city on July 17, 2016.

Mckesson's attorney, Billy Gibbens, disputed Grodner's characterization, saying Black Lives Matter has no governing body or official members.

The judge also denied the plaintiff's request to add Black Lives Matter Inc., a group connected to the movement, to the suit.

A supporter of the United Kingdom branch of "Black Lives Matter" hands out placards at the start of a demonstration in London, Britain August 5, 2016.

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