Can Black Lives Matter be sued? Judge makes ruling in federal lawsuit

Can Black Lives Matter be sued? Judge makes ruling in federal lawsuit

In his decision, U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson ruled that Black Lives Matter was a movement, akin to the civil rights movement, that couldn't be sued.

A federal judge in Louisiana ruled Thursday that Black Lives Matter is a social movement and can not be sued, deflating the legal case of an unnamed police officer injured in a demonstration in July 2016.

Black Lives Matter, Jackson wrote, wasn't an entity capable of being sued.

A Lousiana federal judge said that Black Lives Matter is not an entity that can be sued.

Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Cannot Be Sued
The judge also denied the plaintiff's request to add Black Lives Matter Inc., a group connected to the movement, to the suit. They have meetings". "This shows a level of national organization".

"The anonymous officer also tried adding "(hash) BlackLivesMatter" as a defendant in the suit, claiming it to be a "national unincorporated association" in California, but the judge ruled that a hashtag couldn't be sued either.

According to MSN, the officer's basis for suing was because in July 2016 he was hit in the head during a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jackson was unconvinced. "Plaintiff has pleaded facts that merely demonstrate that Mckesson exercised his constitutional right to association and that he exclusively engaged in protected speech at the demonstration that took place in Baton Rouge on July 9, 2016", the judge wrote, according to the Post.

The officer's attorney, Donna Grodner, said in an email that she was "not at liberty to discuss the case". This particular suit didn't come from Klayman, but he has filed other identical suits against BLM and they've all been dismissed for the same reason. He has long described Black Lives Matter as a call to end violence. The prominent activist was detained near Baton Rouge police headquarters on a charge of obstructing a highway. But until Black Lives Matter is held responsible for their rhetoric, just like anyone else, the violence will continue.

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Mckesson and approximately 90 others who were arrested sued the city, claiming the police were "militarized and aggressive", and the group received total settlement of $100,000 in the lawsuit. "This shows a level of national organization".

Activist Deray McKesson shut down Judge Jeanine Pirro on Friday after the Fox News host accused him of "directing the violence" at a Baton Rouge protest held past year.

A similar suit is pending before the same judge, filed by a Baton Rouge police officer who was wounded during an attack last July in which a gunman killed three of his colleagues.

"This is a movement, and there isn't a person who is responsible for it, or the leader or the founder of it", Gibbens told the judge at a hearing in June.

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