Donald Trump criticizes Sessions at White House dinner Monday, reports say

Donald Trump criticizes Sessions at White House dinner Monday, reports say

Some schools have canceled speeches over safety concerns, drawing criticism from free speech advocates who say universities are places that should not shy away from controversial debates. "Freedom of thought and speech on the American campus are under attack", he said.

Oblivious to the irony, Sessions added that "in this great land, the government does not tell you what to think or what to say".

During a question-and-answer session after the speech, Sessions was asked to address those protests-aimed at addressing police brutality and racism-occurring during the national anthem at NFL games. More US adults surveyed by Gallup last year thought that Americans' ability to exercise their free speech rights is weaker today than 20 years ago (40%), than those who thought it was stronger (31%).

Ahead of the event, more than 30 faculty members also signed a letter condemning the attorney general's hypocrisy for speaking about free speech days after the President suggested players who kneel during America's national anthem should be fired. "(If you hate yourself, feel free watch the entire thing at PBS News Hour.) It included whinging about the university as" an echo chamber of political correctness", a condemnation of Antifa, incredibly out-of-context and inappropriate references to Martin Luther King, Jr., and chuckling at the idea of students needing counseling when a hateful speaker comes to campus.

Mr Sessions indicated his Department of Justice would intervene on behalf of people who sue colleges claiming their constitutional rights to express their views were violated.

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In the Georgia Gwinnett College case, the Justice Department argues that students' have demonstrated that their First and 14th Amendment rights were violated.

Sessions' arrival at Georgetown was met by protests from dozens of law students and faculty members, who gathered outside the law school on Tuesday. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit that defends the rights of people on college and university campuses, has given Georgetown a "red" rating and said it restricts freedom of speech.

After Sessions finished his initial remarks, 10 students who were wearing #BlackLivesMatter shirts inside the auditorium stood up and placed tape over their mouths and silently protested the rest of the event.

Sessions said he agrees with Trump in opposing the protests.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks during a vigil ceremony marking the September 11 terrorist attacks, at the Department of Justice. They noted that Trump has seemed to comdemn free speech by criticizing professional athletes for protesting. And, yet, school administrators bend to this behaviour.

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'Particularly on a college campus! He responded that he respected everyone's views and their expression in an appropriate fashion, and again called on universities to "push back" against those who would seek to block speech.

"We want to speak out first of all and call on presidents, trustees, legislators, and donors to make sure their colleges aren't suffocating speech", Sessions said.

Sessions recalled a Middlebury College case in Vermont where student protesters physically assaulted debaters at a campus event, including an outside speaker and a professor.

Yiannopoulos held his own forum on Sunday after organizers nixed an event.

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