Dayton joins others in support of 'Dreamers', Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Dayton joins others in support of 'Dreamers', Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Of all the immigration issues, DACA may have the largest share of bipartisan support on the Hill.

The surest way to provide the certainty these students deserve is for Congress to pass legislation protecting these Dreamers.

First, the researchers used data from Oregon's Emergency Medicaid program, which is used for pregnancy coverage by immigrant women who do not qualify for traditional Medicaid.

- They are commonly refered to as "Dreamers", because of the Dream Act, which was first introduced in 2001 to offer legal status in return for attending college or joining the U.S. military.

"Speculating what would happen at the ballot box, gosh, I can't imagine it being good", Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said.

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Gingrich said senior Trump aides who believe DACA is unconstitutional were using the lawsuit threat as an "excuse" to push Trump to act.

"I think he's genuinely conflicted on this and trying to figure it out", an anonymous Republican told McClatchy DC. A delay would give those groups more time to negotiate, and it could give Trump the space to avoid making a major policy announcement while his administration is eager to remain focused on hurricane recovery efforts.

The overwhelming majority of the Dreamer immigrants came from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Adding an immigration bill to the mix, which would be politically perilous for members who hail from conservative districts, is asking a lot for a body that has accomplished little so far this year.

Ten Republican state attorneys general in June urged the Trump administration to rescind the DACA program, while noting that the government did not have to revoke permits that had already been issued.

"I think my biggest concern right now is possibly losing my work permit", said Gutierrez, 19, who overstayed her visa with the rest of her family after they emigrated to the US from Mexico in 2005.

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Asked whether Trump still stood by a comment in February about treating Dreamers "with heart", Sanders said: "Absolutely, the president stands by his statement".

Supporters of DACA argue the program helps stabilize families and secure jobs for young people. For them, voting for a package to protect dreamers would be unpopular back home. "Rather than tear families apart to score political points, the White House should work to implement bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform". It depends on how aggressively the Trump administration clamps down on DACA workers.

If permit renewals are put on hold, more than 1,400 recipients will lose their ability to work each day, according to a report by the Center for American Progress and, two advocacy groups.

Trump's immigration policies have sparked protests both inside the United States and overseas since he took office in January.

"It has very powerful multiplier effects on the next generation", he said.

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