EU chief appeals for more unity in Europe rife with division

The interview came after Juncker delivered his annual State of the Union address during which he said, in particular, that Brexit poses no threat to the EU, but that the bloc regrets the UK's decision.

In his annual speech to the European Parliament, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said no single EU government had a military big enough to deal with security challenges on Europe's doorstep, from Islamic militants to a more hostile Russian Federation. He said over-dependence on U.S. defense should be amended with a European force.

What's more, with free Wi-Fi readily available on major high streets, critics are sceptical about whether local councils will want to stump up the cash for unnecessary internet.

But the reform plans have attracted the fury of filmmakers and start-up investors who see it as a threat to European innovation and a wrong-headed favour to powerful media groups.

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Jean-Claude Juncker called for a more unified Europe with a common military for the region.

He specifically said the European Union must do more in the defense field, and no longer be overly dependent on the U.S. He said it should start with the creation of an European Union military headquarters and work toward a common military force.

The European Union will introduce stricter controls on its external borders, the head of its executive said on Wednesday, as the bloc looks for ways to assuage widespread concerns among its citizens over immigration and security.

The plans also include investing 120 million euros (about $135 million) to deploy free wireless internet access to places like parks and town squares in cities across Europe.

US, Israel sign $38 billion military aid package
The aide, attorney David Friedman, presented the Obama aide package as "a first step, with much more that still needs to be done". The new agreement eliminates Israel's ability to spend a fraction of the funds on fuel for its military.

If one connection represents one user, its goal is to connect nearly one-tenth of the EU's population each day.

A proposed European Electronic Communications Code will help make the targets a reality, featuring "forward-looking and simplified" rules.

A possible stumbling block would be that an European Union army could undermine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with a number of countries belonging to both blocs.

The EUA also "strongly doubts" that the Commission's goals "will be achievable" without diverting more money towards "the knowledge creation and new skills needed to improve Europe's economy".

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